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    We craft brands that inspire. In the race of excellence, we help businesses deliver an experience people would never forget.
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    We create identities that shine and campaigns that make people stop and stare.

Welcome To Alide Communication

Formed in 2013 , in a short span of time Alide communications grew to be one of the leading distributors for mobile handsets and accessories brands in kerala. As our slogan goes " Distribution experts with a Passion " , we are a strong team of experts in distributor identification , appointment and management.

With a strong experience of 15 years in marketing and sales of mobile handsets Mr.Vijay Chandra Bose and Mr.Anil Koshy starting on an entrepreneurial journey was a well thought one. Mr.Anoop Bose with a rich international experience added more positive energy to the team , together three of them are the pillars of Alide communications.

As the saying goes " Because of your passion , You make Life beautiful " , we team Alide would like to call us " Distribution Experts with a Passion ". We are available 24/7 with a friendly smile for all our channel partners , clients and customers. Let good things happen to all of us….
Alide Communications

Our Expertise

  • Experience Team
  • Wide Distribution Network
  • Customer Satisfaction
Alide Communication

Alide communications with our team of experts , maintain strict quality while buying stocks from trusted trade partners.

Alide Communications

With a vast distribution infrastructure across Kerala , Alide communication ensures that the products chosen reaches the targeted customers through the right channel partners , a well set marketing plan will be made in accordance to the company plans and policies

Alide Communications

For Alide communications service is of prime importance , " A satisfied customer brings more customers" , service is the most crucial point discussed while signing up with a company for distributing their product , constant service TAT monitoring associating with company service representative differentiated Alide from other distributors.